The Botanical Garden in the Siesmayerstrasse became part of the Palmengarten in 2012. Founded by Dr. Johann Christian Senckenberg, the garden’s history dates back to 1763, making it our city’s first and oldest scientific garden. Three different locations and three different sponsors reflect an eventful history that created a unique garden with its own particular profile.

Just what makes this garden so special? First, there is a vast number of native plant species, which are displayed in biocenoses modeled after their natural habitats. We encounter the most common mixed-forest communities such as beech and oak-hornbeam forests, along with plant communities that are characteristic for extremely dry habitats. The Botanical Garden places special emphasis on the regional context; among others, the displays include plants from the Schwanheim Dune, the Berger Hang (Berger Slope) and the oligotrophic basalt grasslands of the Wetterau. An additional focus is on endangered plant species that are included in the “Red Lists.” More than 500 of these can be found in the Botanical Garden, easily recognized by the red information signs. For these endangered species, different preservation cultures are maintained that are descriptively presented and explained in specially designed beds. They not only include wild species but cultivated plants as well, as the latter are frequently represented in our gardens in many valuable horticultural varieties.      

The Botanical Garden invites you to discover a wide variety of faunistic treasures; to this end, it offers numerous guided tours that are free of charge. The garden’s contribution to nature and environmental education for all citizens, from preschoolers and students to adults, has increased even more since it came under municipal management.

In addition, the “Freundeskreis des Botanischen Gartens e.V.” (Friends of the Botanical Garden), an association founded in 2001, provides an opportunity to actively support the garden and offers a gathering place for garden owners, botanists, and plant lovers.


Opening hours
From the last Sunday in February until the end of October the garden is open every day. The entrance is free. During the winter months the garden is closed.
Monday - Saturday: 9 a.m. - 6 p.m
Sundays and holidays: 9 a.m. - 13.00 p.m.
Alterations reserved!

Botanischer Garten Frankfurt am Main
Siesmayerstr. 72
60323 Frankfurt am Main