The incidences are rising sharply. Therefore, the state of Hesse has issued a new Corona Protection Ordinance and a prevention and escalation concept. From Wednesday, November 24th, tightened restrictions apply again in Frankfurt. Together with the general decree of the city of Frankfurt am Main, the 2G regulation is therefore effective immediately in the Palmengarten. According to this regulation, visitors over the age of 18 must prove at the ticket office that they have been vaccinated or have recovered. An official photo ID must be presented at the same time for all proofs. Since November 24th, the 2G presentation requirement has generally applied to visits to the Palmengarten. This means that access via the turnstiles is no longer possible for annual pass holders.

A separation of indoor and outdoor areas in the Palmengarten is not feasible. Therefore, the 2G regulation in the Palmengarten is valid for the entire area, i.e. the obligation to present a pass is already implemented at the entrance to the ticket offices and for all visitors. The Palmengarten will continue to have both ticket offices open. For visitors coming from the direction of Bockenheimer Warte, the southern entrance via Palmengartenstraße is recommended.

Since the 2G regulation can only be checked at the cash desks, the entrance turnstiles unfortunately have to remain closed all day. 

The show houses, including the new Flower and Butterfly House, and the water playground will remain open. Masks are required inside the houses. A mask must also be worn outside in all crowding situations where the minimum distance of 1.5 meters cannot be safely maintained, such as in the entrance areas and in waiting lines. This is especially true in front of the Flower and Butterfly House.

The following options are available on how to provide proof in accordance with the 2G regulation:

Vaccinated: submit proof of full vaccination either digitally via Corona warning app, CovPass app or Luca app. Alternatively, the printed vaccination certificate or the vaccination certificate itself is also valid. A person is considered fully vaccinated if he or she has received all partial vaccinations (varies by vaccine) and the last vaccination was at least 14 days ago. Or also who is considered already recovered and has received a vaccination with one of the four allowed vaccines.

Recovered: Submission of positive PCR test. This must be at least 28 days old, but not older than a maximum of 6 months.

Unfortunately, verification must occur at each visit. According to the current legal opinion, we are not allowed to collect data about the vaccination status or a recovery and therefore we are not allowed to deposit them.

Children under 6 years of age are exempt from testing. Pupils must present the test booklet they keep at school as proof.
For pupils from federal states in which there is no corresponding test booklet, the pupil's identity card is sufficient as proof.

Children and adolescents who cannot provide the above-mentioned proof, as well as people who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons and present a medical certificate, can still present a daily antigen rapid test from an official testing center.


Feb. – Oct. 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. | Nov. – Jan. 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Entrance: Siesmayerstraße 63 and Palmengartenstraße

Tropicarium, Palm House, Exhibition Galleries are accessible only during ticket counter operating hours.

After core hours please exit the Palmengarten via the turnstiles. Wheelchairs are available for the duration of your visit free of charge at the entrance Siesmayerstraße (please present a document of disability) – best call (069) 212-33939 ahead of your visit for wheelchair reservations.

Dogs are not allowed within the premises of the Palmengarten and we apologize for any inconvenience in this regard.

The Palmengarten offers free Sunday tours on diverse topics. Participation requires payment of the regular entrance fees. According information leaflets with all dates and topics are available at the ticket counters. All tours are also listed in the Calendar on our website. Further information can also be requested by calling (069) 212-33939. The tours set off at 11 a.m. from the meeting point in the entrance lobby, Siesmayerstr. 63.

Here you will find information regarding entrance fees for single-day tickets for the Palmengarten. 


Admission fees

Normal rates


7.00 €

Children (age 6 to 13)

2.00 €

Reduced rate*

3.00 €

Small Familycard (1 adult and children at the of age 6 untill 13)

9.00 €

Big Familycard (2 adults and children at the of age 6 untill 13)

16.00 €

Seniors age 65+

6.00 €

Visitors with a disability 50%

6.00 €

Visitors with a disability 80%, wheelchair user, blind visitors**


Groups 20+ persons

6.00 €

Here you will find information regarding the cost of annual passes fort he Palmengarten.


* Students, "Bundesfreiwilligendienst", pupil, apprentice (until the age of 25 ); young people at the age of 14 until 17

Annual Passes


Family (2 adults and children at the age of 6 until 13)

70.00 €


50.00 €


30.00 €

Owner of annual passes are able to visit special events like the Annual Rose Show without additional charge.

Holders of annual passes are entitled for discounted admission fees at the following parks:

  • Britzer Garten in Berlin
  • Cottbuser Gartenschaugesellschaft 1995 mbH in Cottbus
  • Erholungspark Marzahn „Gärten der Welt“ in Berlin
  • Gartenkulturzentrum Niedersachsen in Bad Zwischenahn
  • Gartenschaupark Rietberg in Rietberg
  • Maximilianpark Hamm GmbH in Hamm
  • Natur-Park Schöneberger Südgelände in Berlin
  • Schlosspark Lichtenwalde in Augustusburg
  • Stadt Lahr - Abt. Öffentl. Grün und Umwelt in Lahr
  • Brückenkopf-Park Jülich in Jülich
  • Sauerlandpark Hemer GmbH
  • Botanischer Volkspark Blankenfelde-Pankow-Grün Berlin GmbH

Rates may be due to change. No liability for all above information. Current price lists are available at the according ticket counters.

For student groups the discounted admission fee per student is 1.00 €. Free admission is granted to one accompanying teacher. 


Admission fees

Normal Rates


1.00 €

Children (age of 6 until 13)

0.50 €

Prepaid tickets and gift tickets can be ordered by fax, e-mail, or letter. Please make payment by bank transfer for the total sum including entrance fees plus postage of 1.50 € to the following account:

Postbank Frankfurt
IBAN DE11 5001 0060 0751 5616 09

reason for payment:
Bestellung Eintrittskarten/Gutschein

Tickets (and gift tickets) can be ordered by phone Mondays to Fridays from 9 a.m. to 12 noon at (069) 212-33915 or by e-mail at

Please note that it may take up to 7 days for the money transfer to become effective. Tickets can only be dispatched to you by mail once payment has been received. Please provide your mailing address and contact information. Delivery of tickets by post may take up to two weeks from the time point of ordering.

You can also purchase tickets online. Click here to go to the ticket store.



Entrance Palmengartenstraße

  • U4, U6, U7: Station Bockenheimer Warte
  • Bus 32 / 50 / 75: Station Bockenheimer Warte
  • Tram 16.

Entrance Siesmayerstraße

  • U6, U7: Station Westend
  • Bus 36: Palmengarten.


In case you intend to visit us with your own vehicle

Interchange Miquelallee, Zeppelinallee, Bockenheimer Landstraße / Siesmayerstraße. Underground public garage (fee by hours) available directly below the entrance Siesmayerstr. 63.

Route planning

For tour groups arriving with own bus

Bus parking available at Siesmayerstraße and Zeppelinallee

Shop in Entrance Lobby

Our shop offers the following merchandise for sale:

horticultural-botanical literature, daily newspapers, magazines, seeds, souvenirs, films, gifts, drinks, icecream a.o.

Siesmayerstraße 63
Tel.: (069) 7 41 14 65

“Caféhaus Siesmayer am Palmengarten”, a distinguished Vienna-style coffee house, provides first-class quality and service to customers seeking a leisurely repose. Coffee-house classics like German cakes and tortes, finest French pastries, and homemade ice cream, are served straight from the own confectionery. The Siesmayer Café also serves daily-fresh sandwiches, lunch specials, business lunch, soups, salad variations, and elaborated dinner menus. Ideal for an extended break while visiting the Palmengarten.

Serving: daily 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.
kitchen hours: daily 8 a.m.- 7 p.m.

Reservations welcome at Tel. (069) 900 29200. Group reservations can also be arranged outside of usual opening hours.

Siesmayerstraße 59
Tel.: (069) 900 29-0
Fax (069) 900 29-180


At the Palmengarten entrance Zeppelinallee, close to the rock gardens and heather, this distinguished historic mansion is the former “garden cottage” of the family Leonhardi. Built in 1806 by the architect Nicolas Alexandre Salins de Monfort it formerly stood along the Bockenheimer Anlage. Between 1825 and 1833 it served as a café.

Today you can enjoy coffee, cake, sausages, and lemonade inside the Villa Leonhardi or on its open-air terrace with a view across the Rock and Heath Gardens.


From now on the Lindengarten is open for our visitors. From Tuesdays to Sundays from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., you can get drinks, bratwurst, beef sausage, burgers, French fries and sweet and savory crepes.

From the desert to the rainforest – in the Palmengarten, it only takes a few steps to traverse all of the earth’s vegetation zones. Thus, on an expedition through the display houses, topical gardens, and flower beds, adventurers both young and old can experience more than 13,000 species of plants up close and personal – or from a safe distance: aboard our pedal and row boats or in the Palmengarten Express, you can watch the fascinating world of plants slowly glide by while already looking forward to a frolic in one of the playgrounds. Those who prefer to discover the secrets of our botanical treasures should book a guided tour from the Green School.


Swinging, digging, climbing, and splashing: the large playground is a meeting place for families with small children. The Water Fun Park is particularly popular. 12,000 liters of drinking water flow through it every day, which are subsequently collected in a cistern and used to water the playground meadow.


An additional playground is located above the Big Pond, where kids can frolic and play in the shade of large trees. Directly adjacent, albeit outside the garden, the Papageno Theater puts on plays and operas for children and adults.


The lake to the west of the Palm House is part of the historic section of the park. The shallow pond is home to several kinds of fish and waterfowl. Formerly, gondolas were awaiting guests to be gently rowed around the lake. Today boats can be rented during the summer months for leisurely paddling around.


  • adults: 4.50 € / 30 min., each additional person 1.50 €
  • children: 3.50 € / 30 min., each additional child 1.50 €

Boat rental open during the summer season depending on weather conditions and demand.