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as part of the measures to contain the spread of the Corona pandemic, the "Grüne Schule" will continue to be closed until June 30, 2021. We thank you for your understanding and solidarity in this challenging situation for all of us.

Information and Registration

The mission of the “Grüne Schule” is to offer a public educational program to stimulate interest in the fascinating interactions between people and plants.

The “Grüne Schule” – founded in 1980 – provides educational services for all age groups. Children and adults can experience plants in their different forms and environments: Palm House, Tropicarium, theme gardens on the grounds, and the Botanical Garden – providing insight on plant life on Earth and their ecological relationships. We offer tours, courses, workshops, art classes, vacation programs, children’s birthdays, and continuing education at a basic and more advanced level. Our staff is continuously trained by horticulturists, professional educators, and other experts – content and presentation skills are continuously updated and improved.


Grüne Schule Palmengarten
Siesmayerstraße 61
60323 Frankfurt

Tel.: +49 (69) 212-3 33 91
Fax: +49 (69) 212-3 78 56


Mondays and Wednesdays 9 a.m.‐11.30 a.m.
Tuesdays and Thursdays 1.00 p.m.‐4.30 p.m.


Guided Tours and Courses 

  • for kindergardens, elementary and high schools, vocational schools
  • for adults
  • also in the evenings
  • for disabled, handicapped, visionally impaired
  • also in English
  • exhibitions

Special Events

  • Children’s Birthdays
  • painting handcrafting
  • vacation program
  • children’s activities during special events and festivities


Continuing Education for

  • students
  • teacher trainees
  • teachers
  • educators

Guided Tours and Courses


The Palmengarten’s “General Tour” is very popular as a social excursion with groups of the various kinds: ideal for outings of offices, businesses, societies. We present a short historic background, then guide you through the Palm House and Tropicarium, and walk you through the grounds where many surprising plants are to be discovered, and there are many exciting stories about plants and environment. Special tours according to your special needs can be arranged upon request.


general tour – greenhouses and grounds

  • tropical fruit “sweet, sour, spicy“
  • medicinal plants
  • amorous plants – plants of love (May to October)
  • aromatic plants (May to October)
  • lavender to olives – Mediterranean plants (May to October)

Other topics upon request!


Preschool children can discover and learn a myriad of interesting things in the Palmengarten, not only about plants: Where does chocolate come from? What does it feel like to be in the tropics, to be in the tropical rainforest? How do desert plants survive? We introduce your young ones to the world of plants in an enjoyable and easy way.

Children “caterpillar walk” slowly and carefully through the Tropicarium, from one climate and vegetation to the next: hot and dry, damp and misty – lush and green, succulent and prickly. Selected plants serve to demonstrate the miracles of nature. On the tour “Plants and Water” children experience the lotus effect, water storage and retention, and the absorbing trichomes of bromeliads. The awesome Venus flytrap closes in on their tiny fingers and the sundew plants make their fingers sticky – all of this is fun and harmless.


  • exotic fruits
  • spices and special sweets for Christmas (tropical rainforest)
  • adventure tour
  • carnivorous plants
  • life in the desert
  • plants and water (May to September)

Elementary School

Elementary School

The Tropicarium, with its manifold tropical and exotic plants, is the main destination for many tours throughout the year – regular highlights being cocoa, banana, and cinnamon. The characteristic changes of the seasons in the Palmengarten are particularly interesting for this age group

Here children can discover that some plants can even grow in winter and even set flowers. Buds and bulbs are dissected, and children locate tulips, crocus and daffodils on a spring meadow. In autumn children can collect leaves, fruits, and seeds of oaks, beech, and chestnuts. In one course on plant propagation we show kids how to do cuttings and pot plants to take back home or to their classrooms. Many of these courses and tours are also offered for students at higher levels.


  • diversity of tropical fruit (pineapple, banana, coconut a.o.)
  • tropical rainforest
  • spices and special sweets for Christmas (tropical rainforest)
  • cocoa workshop
  • Native American plants
  • carnivorous plants
  • propagating plants (by germinating seed of by cuttings) (course with tour)
  • native and exotic trees in parks and forest (all-year)
  • early springtime flowers – course with search-and-find (Feb. – April)
  • plants and water (May–Sep.)
  • leaves, fruits, and seeds


Grade 5-10

The Tropicarium allows children to experience the different global vegetational and climatic zones, so that the interplay between plants and climate, the differences between rainforest and desert can be directly experienced. It is surprising how much water a bromeliad can store, the gel of an Aloe vera is impressive, and you can almost watch the the giant bamboo grow. Children this age are also very interested in carnivorous plants. A course especially offered for children in this age group allows them to view carnivorous plants under the microscope, they explore the rapid trap mechanism of venus flytraps and observe the slow movement of the tentacles of the sundew plants.

Here they discover why certain plants sprout and bloom in early springtime. They dissect bulbs tubers and search and locate tulips, crocuses, and daffodils on a spring meadow. In autumn groups of children can also explore the Palmengarten in search for colorful leaves, fruits, and seeds of oak, beech, and chestnut. In one course children learn to propagate plants by cuttings and layering. They pot plant seedlings and can raise them in their classrooms. Many of these tours are also offered for older students.


  • tropical economic plants (from rainforest to desert)
  • tropical rainforest (mangrove, floodplain forest, montane forest, monsoon forests)
  • tropical arid zones (fog desert, desert, thorn brush, savanna)
  • spices and special sweets for Christmas (tropical rainforest)
  • cocoa workshop
  • diversity of tropical habitats, adaptation and biodiversity
  • carnivorous plants (2-hour course, June to September, grades 7–10)
  • vegetative and generative propagation (course and tour, grades 5–6)
  • native and exotic trees in park and forest (year round, grades 5–6)
  • early springtime flowers – course with seek-and-find (Feb. to April, grades 5–6 )
  • plants an water (May to September)
  • leaves, fruits, and seeds in autumn (September to October, grades 5–6)

Grades 11-13

For high school students in the last years of their studies, the “Grüne Schule” offers special courses on special topics supporting them up to graduation. Relevant topics include adaptation, biodiversity, and ecology.


  • tropical economic plants – biology and significance for world trade
  • adaptations of plants to tropical habitats (desert to rainforest)
  • carnivorous plants (3-hour course, June to September)
  • cocoa workshop



Vocational School

For vocational students the Palmengarten offers special courses in Tropicarium and Botanical Gardens.


  • spices (tropical rainforest)
  • medicinal plants
  • medicinal plants
  • cocoa workshop

Other topics upon request!

Evening Tours

The Tropicarium lends itself especially for impressive and exciting evening tours: experience the desert and the tropical rainforest in the twilight or at night. Join an “adventure tour” with simulated tropical thunderstorm. Discover ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, star anis and other tropical spices and condiments. What spices do Germans use for Christmas cookies? Learn more about tropical fruit used in fermenting, distilling, and brewing and taste exotic drinks ... you are welcome to join our tour "Schnaepse und Likoere".


Special Tours

For handicapped and disabled visitors we offer tours which are adapted to special needs. All destinations are accessible by wheelchair, elevator, and ramps.

The visually impaired can experience the Palmengarten on specially guided tours with emphasis on your other senses: feeling rough or smooth bark, touching waxy, tender, or velvety leaves, smelling the scent of sage and vanilla, listening to the splashing or trickling of waterfalls and fountains, or the gentle sound of rainsticks.

Further Offers

Children’s Birthdays

How about taking your children on a trip to Australia for their birthday? Let them enjoy constructing a boomerang and immersing in the fascinating vegetation of an unknown planet? ... the “Grüne Schule” makes it possible! Your kids learn about eucalyptus, the koala’s favorite snack, and discover many awesome plants from way down under. They learn to make delicious chocolate spread from cocoa beans in our “chocolate factory“ – and all this sitting comfortably under cocoa trees in the Tropicarium.

Art & Creativity

Special arts classes for your preschoolers are offered all year round (mostly on Saturdays). In your presence your child can discover and work with plants and plant products and get inspired by rainforest, colorful autumn foliage, or magnificent exotic flowers. Children work with the most diverse natural materials and draw, paint, cut, paste, fold, and assemble – we provide what is needed to get inspired and let them create their own piece of “natural” art.

Vacation Program

During vacation and holidays the Palmengarten provides a diverse array of activities for your young ones. Handicrafting, painting, and lots of fun games in the greenhouses and on the grounds. Our package includes three mornings, one specific theme per day: early spring flowers, Easter, autumn leaves, Christmas, snow and ice, and many more. They use natural pigments to dye Easter eggs, construct their own kites, prepare homemade candy – so many things to do!

Special Events

The Palmengarten's Special Events have become favorite highlights throughout the year. The “Grüne Schule“ provides childcare and an accompanying educational program for children. During the “Herbstfest” (Autumn Festival) there is pumpkin carving, butterfly and monster makeup. For the “Roses and Illumination“ Festival there is handicrafting, painting, and printing – for young and old – and many other fun activities.

Many specials are scheduled for the “Lange Nacht der Museen” (Long Night of the Museums): on your night-time stroll through the rainforest in the Tropicarium, the “Grüne Schule” will inform you about all sorts of interesting exotic plants.

During the special Palmengarten exhibitions the “Grüne Schule” provides interesting tours and entertaining children’s programs.

Continuing Education

Continuing Education

The “Grüne Schule” provides ongoing educational programs for students, teacher trainees, teachers, and educators. Special training/courses in botany is available according your specific teaching needs: topics include economic plants, bionics, spring flowers, carnivorous plants, autumn foliage, or medicinal plants.

Further Information

Group size:

  • kindergarden: up to 15 children
  • elementary/high school students: up to 15 students
  • adults: up to 20 per group
  • workshops: up to 10 people


  • kindergarden: 60 minutes
  • students and adults: 90 minutes


  • kindergarden: 20 €
  • students: 25 € (in addition to entrance fees)
  • adults: price by request (in addition to entrance fees)