Villa Leonhardi

Café Restaurant Villa Leonhardi

At the Palmengarten entrance Zeppelinallee, close to the rock gardens and heather, this distinguished historic mansion is the former “garden cottage” of the family Leonhardi. Built in 1806 by the architect Nicolas Alexandre Salins de Monfort it formerly stood along the Bockenheimer Anlage. Between 1825 and 1833 it served as a café. Today it hosts a restaurant serving distinguished Italian cuisine.

The owners Luigi Fabbri and Genny Guadalupi are devoted ambassadors of the Mediterranean lifestyle and of a “cucina senza segreti” (an authentic, “unconcealed” cuisine), emphasizing the taste of individual ingredients – only the best and freshest seasonal products are selectively chosen and individually prepared.

Zeppelinallee 18

Tel.: (069) 7 89 88 47
Fax: (069) 78 98 84 88

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