Special Rentals/Permissions

Marriage and Civil Unions

The Frankfurt Marriage Licensing Bureau (Standesamt) offers to provide its official services Fridays from May to September in Haus Rosenbrunn, a neoclassical pavilion amidst the “Rose Garden”.

Capacity: 22 seats
standing: 10

For further information and appointments please contact Standesamt Frankfurt am Main
by phone 069-212-73501 or by e-mail at lebenspartnerschaft.heirat@stadt-frankfurt.de

More information on frankfurt.de

Rentals at the Gesellschaftshaus

In 2012 the renovations of the “Gesellschaftshaus” (building for socio-cultural events) adjoining the Palm House will be completed. Finally, this historic building will be available again for events of the various kinds. It was originally constructed at the end of the 19th century and had advanced to become one of the focal points of Frankfurt‘s social and cultural life. This unique combination of Palm House with a building for socio-cultural events is the only one of its kind remaining in the World – many significant events are part of its long history.

Für die Vermietung von Räumlichkeiten im Gesellschaftshaus wenden Sie sich bitte an:

Gesellschaftshaus Palmengarten GmbH & Co. KG
Palmengartenstraße 11
60325 Frankfurt
For Events
Caroline Llamas Wohler

Tel: 069-90029-150
For Press and Marketing
Caroline Llamas Wohler

Tel: 069-90029-140

Photography and Filming Permissions

For photo sessions and filming permissions please apply to us directly via e-mail to info.palmengarten@stadt-frankfurt.de. Please provide detailed information regarding date, duration, as well as purpose and personnel/technical staff requirements.st.


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