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Foundation “Palmengarten und Botanischer Garten Frankfurt am Main”

A contract was signed in September 2011 transferring the Botanical Garden of the Goethe University to the City of Frankfurt. Together, Palmengarten and Botanical Garden will be in possession of one of the most extensive plant collections in the World.

The basic operations of these two adjoining metropolitan oases is secured through community/state funding. However, to allow for major culturally relevant projects and events as well as educational programs in the future we will depend on additional public support. Thus, the foundation “Stiftung Palmengarten und Botanischer Garten Frankfurt am Main” was established with a generous endowment by the late Eleonore Beiser, a long-time friend and supporter of the Palmengarten. We are convinced that many visitors and friends of both gardens are aware of the legacy and great responsibility we all have in trying to maintain and promote this great cultural and scientific heritage.

In cordial appreciation

Stiftung Palmengarten und Botanischer Garten
Frankfurt am Main

Hauck und Aufhäuser

IBAN: DE64 5022 0900 0001 8333 18

Gesellschaft Freunde des Palmengartens e.V. Friends of the Palmengarten

“Freunde des Palmengartens” is a nonprofit association with the sole mission of providing support to the Palmengarten of Frankfurt.

The society attempts to support the Palmengarten in all respects, with emphasis on permanent acquisitions and increasing the public attractivity of the gardens and its plant collections.

Currently, the society has over 2000 members.

Members enjoy the following benefits:

  • annual pass
  • subscription to “Der Palmengarten”
  • presentations (with slide shows) on horticultural-botanical topics
  • • guided tours on special topics
  • daytrips and multi-day tours/excursions on themes related to gardening and botany (e.g., famous gardens, horticultural exhibits)..


Freunde des Palmengartens e.V.
Siesmayerstraße 63 (Entrance lobby)
60323 Frankfurt am Main

Telefon: (069) 74 58 39
Fax: (069) 75 65 92 73


Hours: Thursdays 3:30–5.00 p.m.



The network BioFrankfurt, founded in 2004, currently represents 26 members from 16 institutions.

Their mission is to

  • emphasize and promote the prominent significance of biodiversity and its preservation in the media and in the public
  • bundle the knowledge and experience of the member institutions and to reach a higher degree of efficiency and success by cooperating and exchanging information
  • underline the special involvement of the institutions in the Frankfurt Region for research, conservation, and education

The network BioFrankfurt is engaged in providing and promoting

  • an educational program on biological diversity with exhibitions, symposiums, presentations, tours and excursions
  • special information and training program for schools and teachers
  • collaboration on research projects in an attempt to reveal possible synergism and to provide a platform for continuing dialogue with partners in business and society

Source: short presentation on the website website of BioFrankfurt

Verband Botanischer Gärten

The Verband Botanischer Gärten e.V. is the head association of the botanical gardens of Germany.

Botanical Gardens are public facilities that document and cultivate living plant collections, serving to support scientific research and teaching, to promote general education, and to safeguard our global floristic diversity.

Source: Website of the Verbandes der Botanischen Gärten e.V.


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