imd_plant transistor

14.10.2021 All day


To mark the 150th anniversary of the Palmengarten in Frankfurt, there will be an exhibition entitled "Transformations" with architectural, auditory and visual components that deal with the institution of the Palmengarten and its transformations over time at various prominent stations in the garden.

The Institute for Material Design IMD of the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Offenbach will dedicate its architectural contribution to the perspectives, especially on the future significance of the Palmengarten as a meeting place between plants, nature and man, but also on the symbiotic dialogue between nature and culture in the living space "city".

Plants and natural materials as well as structures of the nature surrounding us form the basis of the concept and experience their digital translation and information in order to enter into an adaptive and interactive dialogue with the environment and to point out the interrelation of nature and culture. The structure based on growth principles of nature is woven into a prospective space that carries the hidden network of plants, characterized by communication and reaction, as information. The properties of plants and their analogies are conceptually deployed to aurally and visually link the concepts of nature and technology, which are otherwise often understood as divergent. This interaction of nature and artifact is perceptible in structure and materiality but also in the immaterial atmosphere of the space.

The "imd_plant transistor" can adapt to the natural environment through its structural flexibility and enters into a dialogue with it. A system, which as an abstracted symbiosis tries to gain new knowledge from this "community of purpose". The resulting spatial structure links the natural with the artificial and the digital world and thus itself becomes an experimental research biotope and habitat.